French Speaking Women’s Group

French Speaking Women’s Group

NOTE: The program is currently on pause

The French-Speaking Group is open to French-speaking women of all backgrounds. The intention of the group is to connect with each other and help Francophone women find their way in Metro Vancouver’s English-speaking world.

Please contact the RWRC office for more information or to join this support group.

Woman with binder
Facilitator, Marielle Demorest

Marielle has become a permanent fixture at the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre. She has been working with the RWRC for over 23 years and was one of the original founders of our organization. She also runs the French-Speaking Women’s Support Group, which operates much like the resource centre, except that it’s in French!

Marielle meets with her group of Francophone women on the first Friday of every month at local restaurants. She has been working with French-speaking immigrants for over two decades now and her glowing smile shows how proud she is of her hardworking femmes.

With Marielle’s help, many women have already found jobs, learned new skills and made new friends.

Merci beaucoup, Marielle! Bisous.