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Richmond Shares is a public-service program run by the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre (RWRC), designed to help low-income Richmond families. It was established in 2006 to encourage year-round community giving and sharing in Richmond, above and beyond traditional peak seasons of need.

The premise of Richmond Shares is simple: people can donate quality used goods for recycled use by other Richmond community members in need. The Richmond Shares website is the go-between for this exchange from the heart.

All program efforts stay in the community, and can help a wide range of people in need: new immigrants, refugees, women coming out of transition houses, fire victims, single mothers, single fathers, and seniors.

  • If you find yourself in need of an item, you can view a list of all the items available!
  • Do you have something to donate? Instead of throwing away unwanted items, you can post them on the Richmond Shares website for free.
  • We welcome any like minded individuals or representatives of agencies to join us in our community work.

Anyone interested in donating, transporting or “shopping” for goods can visit the Richmond Shares website or call (604) 279-7061

“The Spirit of giving all year round!”