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We need YOU!

Provincial and Federal Governments have drastically cut funding for Women’s Centres and Programs in recent years! The Richmond Women’s Resource Centre has been working in our community actively providing information, peer counseling, and programs relating to women’s needs since 1976. One member of the original dynamic dozen is still on the Board of Directors. Our Centre applies for funding to support a variety of programs. Most funding from provincial or federal government sources is only available for specific project costs, not for day to day operation costs. The latter we must raise in our own community. For us, this amounts to well over $50,000.

** If every woman in Richmond gave us just five dollars, we would cover operating costs and be able to add to and expand our programs!

We are inviting YOU to become an important part of maintaining and expanding the Centre’s services for women in Richmond by:

Please take the time to support your local Women’s Centre. Thank you.